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Here you'll find information pertaining to your cleanings.










Where will trash that doesn't fit in the trash bins be placed for us to take to the dumpster?



Where is the dumpster located?


Who is the emergency contact?

Name:                          Title:                           Number:


Who is the contact for any non emergency issues?

Name:                           Title:                            Number:                         Email:

Type of keys issued and number count of each

When is your office closed?

                     is providing bathroom/kitchen paper products/trash bags.

If we are not ordering your bathroom supplies/trash bags, would you still likes us to let you know when they are getting low?

Please share with us any other information that you feel is important.

(example: doors that need to be closed, lights, restroom preferences, etc)

How would you like to receive your monthly invoice?

Would you like us to ptovide hand sanitizer pumps to prevent the spread of germs?     5.99 per pump (tax included)

If you answered yes above, would you like us to refill the hand sanitizer pumps every time we come to clean? Refills are 4.29 per pump (tax included).

                  is providing cleaning supplies.

If we notice, would you like us to report?

Yes  No

           Light bulbs out

           Loose or damaged bathroom fixtures

           Loose or damaged tiles

           Loose or damaged kitchen fixtures

           Plumbing issues: backups/leaks

We can arrange and or complete additional services not covered in your agreemenr. Please contact us for further information. 

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