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Reservation of Rights

These reservations of rights apply to all aspects of the LemonLoyalty program, including without limitation, all elite status programs such as LemonLoyalty Silver and Platinum. Super Lemon may, in its discretion, change the LemonLoyalty program rules, regulations and special offers at any time with or without notice. This means that the accumulation of points  does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to such awards or program benefits. In accumulating points or awards, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award or award level, and members may not be able to obtain all offered awards. Any award may be withdrawn or subject to increased point requirements or new restrictions at any time. Super Lemon may, among other things, (i) withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any award; (ii) change program benefits, point levels, participant affiliations, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting point credit, or rules for the use of awards; (iii) rename or redefine program elements or benefits; (iv) add blackout dates, limit the number of awards or otherwise restrict the continued availability of awards or special offers; or (v) end any of its elite status programs. Super Lemon may make any one or more of these changes at any time even though such changes may affect your ability to use the point credit or awards that you have already accumulated. Super Lemon reserves the right to end the LemonLoyalty program with three months' notice. 

General Program Terms and Conditions

  • You are responsible for reading the LemonLoyalty Program Terms and Conditions, additional member information, LemonLoyalty newsletters and account summaries online at in order to understand your rights, responsibilities, and status under the LemonLoyalty program. Super Lemon may amend its rules of the Program at any time without notice. Super Lemon has no liability for correspondence that is misdirected, lost, stolen, damaged or delayed.

  • Any tax liability surcharge (whether enacted by a governmental authority or otherwise) is the responsibility of the client and/or the LemonLoyalty member.

  • LemonLoyalty members must have point earning or redeeming activity once every  6 months in order to retain their points. If your account has no qualifying activity in any 3-month period, all points in the account will expire. Qualifying activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired points credit in your account for 3 months from the date of the qualifying activity. Qualifying activity is defined as accruing points credit with Super Lemon paid services.

  • At no time may LemonLoyalty point credit or awards be purchased, sold, advertised for sale or bartered (including but not limited to transferring, gifting, or promising point credit or awards in exchange for support of a certain business, product or charity and/or participation in an auction, sweepstakes, raffle or contest). Any such points or awards are void if transferred for cash or other consideration. Violators (including any person who uses a purchased or bartered award) may be liable for damages and litigation costs, including Super Lemons attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing this rule.

  • Use of award s that have been acquired by purchase or for any other consideration may result in the awards being canceled and confiscated.

  • Super Lemon is not responsible for the cancellation of awards

  • Awards have no cash value and are non-refundable.

  • Fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of applicable rules is subject to administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities and Super Lemon. Such action may include, without limitation, the forfeiture of all awards and any accrued points in a member's account, as well as cancellation of the account and the member's future participation in the LemonLoyalty program. In addition, Super Lemon reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to recover damages, including its attorneys’ fees incurred in prosecuting any lawsuit.

  • Super Lemon reserves the right to audit any and all accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with LemonLoyalty program rules.. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of LemonLoyalty awards, point accrual and summaries may be delayed until the discrepancies or violations are resolved in a manner satisfactory to Super Lemon. Pending such resolution, members may be prohibited from redeeming pointss for an LemonLoyalty award.

  • If Super Lemon and/or any LemonLoyalty participant improperly denies a member point credit,  award or some other benefit, the member's exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied credit, award or benefit if available, or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by Super Lemon, in its sole discretion. Super Lemon shall have no additional liability whatsoever. In no event shall Super Lemon or any LemonLoyalty participant be liable to any member, or anyone claiming through a member, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, or lost revenue or profits, arising out of the acts or omissions of Super Lemon or any LemonLoyalty participant in connection with the LemonLoyalty program.

  • Super Lemon is not responsible for and will have no liability arising from products and services offered by other participating companies.

  • Accumulation of LemonLoyalty mileage and use of LemonLoyalty awards with companies other than Super Lemon are subject to the continued participation of such companies in the LemonLoyalty program.

  • The LemonLoyalty program Terms and Conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. To the full extent allowed by law, these Terms and Conditions disclaim any duty of good faith and fair dealing as well as any implied contractual terms or obligations.

  • LemonLoyalty is an individual-oriented program. Your point summaries, special promotional materials and awards will be sent to the address or email address, as applicable, that you provide.

  • Members may view their account status and point summary on Your summary includes points, along with LemonLoyalty program information and special promotions.

  • Only individuals are eligible for LemonLoyalty program membership. Non-individuals including corporations, other entities, animals are not eligible to become LemonLoyalty members or to accrue LemonLoyalty points. Generally, only the member named on the account will be entitled to access account information.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we process your information. 

All rules are subject to interpretation by designee(s) of Super Lemon.

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