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Move In/Out Terms of Service

In addition to the terms of service these  additional terms apply to Move In/Out Cleanings.

Oven cleaning - inside will be wiped with cloth to remove debris

glass will be cleaned as best as possible to be able to see through.

Dust - Dust will resettle  after cleaning. we are not responsible for dust resettling. dust will resettle on blinds, cabinets, baseboards and all other surfaces. we are not responsible for dusting anything higher than 6 feet (we may attempt to use a tool, but we cannot guarantee the outcome). dust will be removed with a swiffer duster by wiping over the surface one time - if dust is not removed then the item needs to be washed (not part of our service).

Cleaning - We are to clean  - not restore. We cannot take a home that has not been maintained and make it perfect.

Shower glass - If you can no longer see through your shower glass due to mineral deposits/scum, we will do our best to remove it for an additional charge of $100. It is your responsibility to see if we will assess this charge.

Baseboards - We will only spot clean 10% - the rest will be dusted according to the dust section above. Discoloration of baseboards is not our responsibility to fix.

Kitchen - if you have not maintained your cabinets/appliances and there is grease buildup - we are not responsible for removing the grease as damage may occur if we do more than wipe it.

We rate your home on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the dirtiest. If your home falls under a 5 we may assess an additional $150 fee. Its your responsibility to see if we are assessing that fee. It is strongly encouraged to have an in person quote performed.

We do not remove mineral stains on or around drains, faucets, or pipes.

Blinds - We dust according to the dust policy above.

If you do not perform a walk through at the end of service with the maid crew. You waive your right to complain.

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